Thursday, March 01, 2007

February 2007 Just Baking Round-Up

Just highlighting some of the posts I did as editor at Just Baking in February (and one from January) that didn't appear here.

Jan. 31 - Amaranth Flour - Brief overview of Amaranth flour and its uses.

Feb. 6 - In The News - Baking in the news round-up. Layer cakes, madeleines, personal achievement, baking competition, and Ace Of Cakes.

Feb. 7 - A note from the editor - Introducing myself and direction of Just Baking.

Feb. 12 - Welcome to Valentine’s Week - All the Well Fed Network sites ran posts with Valentine's Day themes.

Feb. 16 - A Tip For Your Heart - Tip on how to make a heart cake without a heart pan.

*Update* - As Just Baking no longer exists, I have removed the actual links but left the post names as a source for ideas

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