Friday, April 27, 2007

Trouble Free Cake Mix

I was in TJ Maxx the other day looking for some cupcake decorations and I saw this pan:

It caught my eye because I've almost purchased pans that allow you to make the cookies-on-a-stick and this was something along those lines. This was unique because of the shape and it showed other cookies beyond sugar cookies. The picture above is the back of the box. It shows three recipes: crispy rice treats, a protein bar, and trouble free cake mix. Nevermind the whole concept of a protein bar on a stick (you know, for those fussy, hard to please, scrawny children), I'm looking for a good trouble free cake mix recipe. So I go for a closer look and see this:

"1 Box cake mix - any flavor"  Well, there ya go. I wish I would have seen this pan sooner, I could have saved all that money on cookbooks...

Sorry about the photos. They were taken on my camera phone while the store's staff was giving me a variety of looks from puzzlement to annoyance.


Anonymous said...

The second picture is unclear. Do you know that photos could be more clear or sharp after optimization? More info please refer to

brian said...

Now you are left with the trouble of deciding which cake mix, assuming you can't find the "any" flavor mix, much like the "any key" reputed to be on keyboards.

Paul said...

Anon, thanks.

Brian, way ahead of you. I'm getting ready to pitch a new cookbook. 50 recipes for cakes, each page is a picture of a different cake mix box. Please don't steal my idea.