Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April 2007 Just Baking Round-Up

My "Look, I post somewhere else" round-up of posts I did as editor at Just Baking in April 2007.

Apr. 11 - Yellow Cake - A Baking Basic - My Easter bunny cupcakes make an appearance.

Apr. 13 - Blackberry Oat Muffins And A Lesson - I share my post about oats and how they aren't gluten free.

Apr. 23 - Have you ever baked a birthday cake? (Or wanted to?) - We're looking for writers.

Apr. 24 - Teff - Another unusual ingredient of the week.

Apr. 25 - Video Learning: Baking Bread - I really like being able to put a video up.

Apr. 30 - Congratulations - We're very proud of Hannah Kaminsky, a writer at Just Baking and her own site, Bittersweet, for her upcoming cookbook.

*Update* - As Just Baking no longer exists, I have removed the actual links but left the post names as a source for ideas

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