Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mystery Solved!

A while back, I asked for help identifying these two cookie cutters. I had picked them up in a rummage sale and had no idea what they could be. The best guess Lorrie and I could come up with was a cob of corn and a bat.

Well, now the mystery is solved. I was up in Green Bay over Mother's Day and stopped by my aunt's to pick up her cookie cutters and cookbooks. She was downsizing to a new apartment. I started going through them when I had a 'Holy, um, cow' moment once I saw this:

A full set of the mystery cookie cutters still in the package! So it turns out the corn cob-looking one is a basket and the bat one is a chick with it's wings spread. And hey, there is a rabbit in the set too.


Freya and Paul said...

I think you could swing it either way though with some judicial icing - I love the idea of corncob shaped cookies! And the chick that doubles as a bat for Hallowe'en! Now that's a selling point!

Paul said...

Yeah, I think I like the corncob better than a basket, especially shaped like that. But chick is just too creepy.