Friday, August 31, 2007

Baby cookies

Sometimes I don't think I'm a good blogger. I don't photograph everything I make and for some reason, there's a certain group of baked goods that I make but never blog about. It's a shame really, because these baked goods are what really are a huge part of the blog's name.

Over the past two years, Lorrie had a good number of friends and coworkers who had children. Lorrie, being friendly and social, likes to give little gift bags. These bags usually have something baby related, a container like a bucket or basket, a dozen cookies, a stuffed animal or flower, and a card.

The cookie shapes are baby bottles and baby buggies. If we know the sex of the baby we use the corresponding color. Pink for girls, blue for boys. People get a mix if we don't know.

We've experimented a little with different recipes for the cookies and the frosting and I've settled on the frosting. The cookies taste good but the dough doesn't hold its stiffness, even after being in the fridge for 24 hours, so I'm still trying different things. We've also settled on using the white nonpareils on top. We think they look better than dusting sugar and they pop against the frosting background.


Nicole said...

Cute idea!!! :) (found you on foodie blogroll)

Jennifer said...

Those are adorable, Paul! I love that idea! My sister in law is going to give birth soon too!

Nirmala said...

So cute!

Tag! You're it! Please visit my blog for details.

Alisa said...

Yummy! - I tagged you for a meme too -

Paul said...

Nicole, thank you!

Jennifer, thank you! And it's not such a hard thing to do either.

Nirmala, thanks for the tag!

Alisa, thank you!