Thursday, October 12, 2006

English Toffee

Cooking For Engineer's has a English Toffee recipe I wanted to try. I plan on doing more with toffee plus other candies and brittles around Christmas so I wanted to experiment a little bit. This is the second time I've made a candy this week so I figure it was good practice and more reinforcement on how the whole candy making process works. I varied a little bit from the recipe. OK, I forgot to add the salt but I still thought it turned out pretty good. The chocolate layer is a tad thin as well but I was eyeballing it, I probably should have measured out the chips. Also their method uses a silicon mat or says to use wax paper, I used aluminum foil which worked just fine. The picture on the right is my batch, the one on the left is from the Cooking For Engineer's site.


Helene said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere!
I am glad you liked the caramel apples!
I plan on trying that English Toffee recipe very soon!
I am looking forward to more goodies!

Paul said...

Thank you!
I have more on the way shortly.