Wednesday, October 18, 2006

National Boss Day 2006 - Part Two - Cutout Cookies

Tuesday night while Lorrie and her mother wrapped the NASCAR chocolate lollipops, I started making the dough for cookies. The theme we had going was NASCAR and Tony Stewart's #20 Home Depot car. The last thing I wanted to incorporate was some of the favorite flavors of Lorrie's boss. Peanut butter was suggested. I had seen a recipe for peanut butter cutouts on page 100 of the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion book and decided to make those. A great choice! These cookies ended up tasting wonderfully. Cookies that could be shaped, have a good flavor, and didn't need a ton of decorating were ideal in this situation. The first half of the dough I made was used to make two-by-two inch cutouts of two's and zero's, the number of Tony Stewart's car. The cookies were about a quarter inch thick and I believe I ended up with about forty to fifty of them. We debated various ways of decorating them but ended up just using a simple coating of orange sugar. I believe this was a wise choice because fondant or frosting would have been too much for these cookies. They had a nice peanut butter taste and something more sugary like frosting on them would have been overkill. Too many flavors competing for attention in the mouth.

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